Wednesday, December 30, 2009

things that defined my time in china

trying to capture everything through pictures
waking up to the sound of a crane
sleeping on wood
cheap fruit
watching chick flicks with the girls :)
in-service meetings
tucking in the children
brushing my teeth with bottled water
dropping garbage in the 'rubbish house'
chairman mao
babies in spilt bottom pants
watching e.t. on halloween
the smell of stinky tofu
hearing my feet step 70 steps up to my dorm and 90 up to the computer lab
watching all of my belongings gradually get dirty and dirtier
missing my family
attempting to speak some chinese
$5 massages
eating chow mein off the street
learning the chinese hand signs for numbers
HUGE teddy bears
squatting to answer nature's calls
being with Abigail Barth each hour of the day :)
going to church in a hotel
hang drying every piece of clothing
waking up to a cock crowing
KTV karioke
getting stared at EVERYWHERE we went
ni hao
hearing lots of honking
appreaciating simple things
letting go of germ consciousness
the Yellow Mountains
hard boiled eggs
"teacher whats eats?"
hearing loogis haucked left and right from people of all shapes and sizes
linda (foreign affairs coordinator)
1 yuan bus trips
looking for a mcdonalds to use a restroom
being excited to see my students after a weekend
carrying t.p. in my purse
taking a train everywhere
seeing factories more often than not
sleeping with hot water bottles to keep warm
getting my temperature checked everytime I entered qing ying
having thumb wars with the kids
using a wristwatch
buying $1 movies
referring to the lonely planet quite frequently
savoring quaker oatmel
getting oh so excited over an email
wearing the same outfit for 3 days without changing (sleeping included. gross, i know)
sleeping on the fast train
seeing kids on rip sticks
constantly checking my purse to see my wallet sitting there
chicken feet
my china airlines blanket
bartering for everything
muslim noodles
being on a chinese gameshow
sending postcards
unrefridgerated raw meat
microwave popcorn
trips to tesco
never seeing carpet
the great wall of china
staying the night at random mormon's homes
learning to be patient
packing and re-packing
sweet potatoes
having our pictures taken every day
bank of china
chinese pizza
teasing the school guards
weighing our baggage over and over and over and over
being called "teacher"
learning that i love hot bananas
feeling that a toilet seat was a luxury
leaving things behind
hacking into websites
eating in 'that alley' after church
never seeing a person pulled over
qq fruit snacks
wishing i could pull off a face mask

china was wonderful :)


Melwel said...

I love reading about your China time. Your pics are amazing too.
Thanks for sharing your life
Love you

Lynsie Jae Leinbach said...

Brooke! Guess what!? I'm going to china to teach English too! I need to come talk to you about it before I go!

Brooke Shoko said...

thanks melwel :) i have loved secretly reading about your life as well . happy new year!

lynsie! i would love love love LOVE to talk anytime about it! you have my number :)

natalie said...

i loved this. oh China. you will NEVER forget it. and you'll always laugh at the things that made you laugh most in that moment.

Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

that's so awesome you went there and experienced so many new things. i'm jealous and hope i can do that some day!

Lis said...

I'm not sure if you get email notifications on comments or if you'll ever see this, but basically I pretty much just stalked through half your blog and disowned my stats homework. You are inspiring. This is why I love the blog world :) i like your blog:)

Brooke Shoko said...

lisa- i DO get email notifications. how sweet of you! so happy that you've enjoyed the blog. because, let's face it, i thoroughly enjoy the blogging world too :)