Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's in a Birthday?

What's in a birthday? In other words.... what is all the hullaballoo for?! Eat some cake, receive some gifts, talk to some old friends, and maybe even get 42 facebook "Happy Birthday" messages. Right? Wrong.

In the last while, birthdays have become a bigger deal to me. I think for a good eight or nine years I really forgot WHY it is that we celebrate these days. Today, I celebrate the birthday of one of my dearest friends in the world: Lauren Nickl. Today isn't just a day where she can get a free dessert at Chili's and have a few pictures taken. Today is the day that friends and family can be thankful that she was brought into the earth on this day. Because of Lauren I have a wonderful friend and example to me. Because of Lauren I aspire to be a better friend, student, and person in general. Because of Lauren I have had some of the greatest memories and experiences ever.

very old ... :)

what we do best together

May we all celebrate those who enrich our lives and make us better people.

Happy Birthday Lauren Nickl. Love you!


Laur said...

That was the nicest thing. Thank you so much! That is how I feel about you too! Thank you so much Brookie! This just made my day.

erin noelle said...

Thanks Brooke. Lauren is getting a shout out on my blog too now that you did it. She is here right now holding Kate. I love that you two are such good friends now. Well, you were always friends, but...
Keep it real at UTAH STATE BABY!

Si said...

You are growing up Brookie. I too, remember when you and Lauren were friends, but not really close. You have figured out how to find quality friends. I love Lauren and what she stands for. She truly is beautiful inside and out.

Kimi said...

Great post, Brookie!

I love Lauren too, but who doesn't? You know? She's just great, that's all there is to it.

And how convenient that you two are friends, because YOU are that great, too!

I love you both!