Monday, May 6, 2013

Visit Montana.

Before I get around to sharing my "end of semester" blah schmah, I wish to express some sheer excitement over the fact that my summer in Montana is almost here!!  Seven. More. Days. People.

Today, as the fam and I were returning home from a pretty day in Kamas, my Mom pointed out some "Visit Montana" billboards that have recently popped up around town- the exact signs that were torturing me all last summer while I stayed in the city to take my last general ed classes. 

hiking. bozeman. huckleberries. rodeo nights. midnight bike rides. tips and more tips. old timers. hebgen. stars. horseback riding. double wides. tourists. freckles. good eats. pretty drives. mosely. trailers. trail running. chilly mornings. island park. fishing. buffalo. windows down. 

To name a few (↑), some things I'm looking forward to.
Come visit me.


Kelsey Keller Weller said...

Awe, I love Montana. Have fun!

Si said...

Ok, Ill come visit.