Sunday, April 7, 2013

SB 2K13.

Six days in Cali, three days in Vegas. Here we are, beaching it up at La Jolla. (Photo by SKHAMMER. Check her out, boys.)
DeLIcious Mexi meals for days.  Que rico.
Plenty of time to test different bed mates.
Lots of spooning/cover stealing/sleep talking/you know.
Some of us won awards (atta girl Dano).  And we danced.  (Another swell photo by SKHAMMER.)
CASE ASAP's finest clan at the Cal Poly retreat.
Group stats (get it):
Back row: single, single, single, single, married, single, single, single, taken.
Front row: single (we think), taken, single, single, practically married, single, engaged.
Similar to previous retreats, we got close.
Theme park day. (Photo three by SKHAMMER.)
Everyone's all smiles til this ride gets going . . .
A little evening at the cove.  Surfers, seals, and sunshine.
Burgers and shakes.  Burgers and shakes.  Burgers. And. Shakes.
A week's worth of eating out.  Chicken and waffles at Hash House a go go.  Talk about H-U-G-E.
More food.  White chocolate macadamia nut hot cakes at BabyStacks Cafe.
Red velvet hot cakes.
Cinnamon roll hot cakes.
S'more hot cakes.
Let us not forget some of the best sushi I have ever had.  F'reals. If you're ever near Vegas, be sure to hit up Yama Sushi for an impeccable all-you-can-eat feast.  Are the two terms "all you can eat" and "sushi" not meshing very well for you? I was skeptical, too.  Rest assured that Yama will provide. With a personal recommendation from Wayne Welch himself, I knew we were in good hands. Between the four of us, we tried ten different rolls, three different appetizers, and some obligatory mochi. Gluttony at it's finest. 
Cheering our team on in Vegas.  Truman and I, getting plenty of time on ESPN. Go Utes!!!
Well deserved pool time after a heart breaking loss. Me, Tru, Danielle, and Coach K- the only sober attendees at the Monte Carlo.
An unquestionable trip highlight- the discovery of "Naked Keith".  Keith, obviously, isn't naked.
Quick trip to the beach before an evening on the strip. (Photo by HELLATRU. Check him out as well.)
Naked Keith took us on a mini tour of the Bellagio, my new favorite casino in Vegas. Pretty stained glass and a butterfly farm.  Can you feel the tranquility?  Told you.
And, to reiterate my previous post, nothing better to end spring break than welcoming your long lost brother home.  
Families are forever.  Welcome home, brother.


. said...

I was really confused when you said you and Truman were at the game.. which was in Vegas, and my last name is Truman, i thought to my self.. "i wasn't there"

Next time you come to town, Sushi date. kthanks.

Sydnie said...

Naked Keith made me LOL. Great pics.

A Spinster's Dating Encyclopedia said...

When I grow up I want to be you.

Life as a Bird said...

Ok I'm not a fan of pancakes but those look freakin' good!