Thursday, July 11, 2013

A couple months overdue.

Preface: A very obligatory post the reaks of mediocrity. Cheers.


I graduated.  Bachelor of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
First Ute grad of the family.  Proud father right there to say the least.
Celebrating with Steve Guy.  Name this place. (Haters gonna hate, Mum.)
Quality time with Grandma Japanese during graduation weekend.
 I have never been offered more apple slices in my life.
The Ogden Marathon.  Finally.
A little support from the fam via lunch sack. Thanks Moth.
Waiting in the rain for the race to begin . . . .

What to say. One of the hardest things I've ever done.  One of the most satisfying experiences I've been a part of. I ran, and ran, and ran, and then cried (so weak).  Thank you, Dad, for finishing out the last 9 miles with me (I literally could not have done it without you).  Thank you to my mama for encouraging me throughout the entire 4 months of training and for cheering me on at race day.  Thank you, Zazoosh, for this killer photo. And thank you especially to my baby brother, Jake, for carrying me to the car after lunch.  Loooooooooooove you.

And hellos.
Welcome home Melissa. We sure missed you.
Quality time with Hall and Oates' newest member.
And these two.
Sweetest. Puppy. Ever.
So. I'm here now.


Sydnie said...

You got Jake to carry you?? I gotta get Mitch to do that for me next time...

S Foster said...

aww brookies love you.

Lauren said...

Brookie I adore you!

Betty W Johnson said...

Congratulations, Brooke! Onward and Upward. P.S. Vennila and her boys are doing great.