Friday, March 29, 2013

Por fin.

Between spring break, moving, the playoffs, taking 18 flipping credits (whatwasithinking), and hanging out with my boyfriend eating guacamole, I got lotssss to blog about.  Shoot, friends.  Where to even start?

For one thing, MY BROTHER CAME HOME. 

Best thing e.v.e.r. to greet Steve Guy after two long years.  Incredibly proud of him for putting his entire heart and soul into serving the people of Mexico.  So so great to have him home.  Finally.

Nothing like a well-deserved hug after 25 months.

On a side note, one of the first things he said to me was, "Brooke, someone explained to me what hipster is while I was on my mission.  Are you hipster??"

Last night we were catching Steve up on all of the YouTube hits he missed these past couple of years.  AKA mostly all of Andrew Hales' videos.  So we finish a few of those and then top off the night with a cream of the crop YT.  Haven't seen this?  Watch it. De nada.


Life as a Bird said...

Oh i bet it is so great having him home!
Yay for Return missionaries!

Si said...

love it.