Monday, February 25, 2013


Presidents' Day Weekend.

After a ruthless week of six exams, a brutal month of the coldest winter I can remember in whoknowshowlong, and too many sleepless nights, I happy accepted an invitation to St.G for the holiday weekend. Hopped in the car and buzzed down south for a few days with friends- some new, some old. 50 degree leisure never felt so right.

 photo IMG_9955_zps7b78d031.jpg
Wouldn't be a trip to St. George without a hike in Zion's National Park.  This little tyke was shooting innocent civilians on the trail head left and right. 
 photo IMG_0004_zps7e5d2d5f.jpg
A look at where we came from (Angel's Landing). 
 photo IMG_9964_zpse30d75bb.jpg
A room with a view.
 photo IMG_0003_zps23a1e7f8.jpg
Danielle, Carine, and Brookles. Soaking. It. Up.
 photo IMG_9971_zps3bdcf017.jpg
Being in a group of 11 presented some unavoidable challenges.  Challenge #1-four of them were TERRIFIED afraid of heights. Whoops.
 photo IMG_9990_zps19767c04.jpg
Love birds.
 photo IMG_0016_zpsb1caccb3.jpg
Sustenance. Who doesn't love a good greasy spoon that serves home made biscuits and gravy?? My thoughts exactly.
 photo IMG_0020_zps345a8585.jpg
Carine again.  The best travel companion a girl could ask for.
 photo IMG_0025_zpsad7a7394.jpg
A little walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon.
 photo IMG_0041_zps343cde62.jpg
"Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii am gonna soak up the suuuuuuuuuuuuuuun."
 photo IMG_0045_zps8eb72e87.jpg
Group pic. Nothing but.
 photo IMG_0049_zpse79b2565.jpg
Had to share this one.  Pace, far right, posing for another award-winning photo.
 photo IMG_0051_zpsf8fcf959.jpg
Regan is yet again denied by the love of his life.
 photo IMG_0065_zps0d1e017f.jpg
And. Best photographer of the trip goes to . . .
 photo IMG_0061_zps6bf0f5a9.jpg
This guy. Congrats to him on getting his mission call to the Riverside California mission.  You go, elder.
Swell times.  Swell trip.


Si said...

Nice pics Brookles. Love the Asian pose Ill have to show that to Jake.

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