Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It has been too long.

A thing or two has happened since last post.

A trip to Florida.
After weeks of work and summer school, Mum, Dad, Jake, and I headed down south for some much needed beach time in a nice area called Palm Beach.  Our daily schedule was filled with lots of sleeping, swimming, and eating. Loved it.  There's nothing better than bobbing around the ocean with the people that you love the most.

Our beautiful beach.
Keeping up with our cals at a delish southern cooking restaurant. Mmmmm. Deep fried biscuits = my nemesis.
Pretty views for some pretty people.

A trip to Indianapolis/Chicago.
Big news, people- I'm a Senior this year (sooo weird to say). And a member of the Student Alumni Board at the U.  Absolutely LOVED spending a weekend in the Midwest with some of the greatest people I have come in contact with since transferring.  Also was totally stoked to take a day and visit Chicaaaaago.

Favorite billboard during our road trip from Indiana to Illinois. The back side read, "HELL IS REAL." Good stuff.
Excellent travel buddies.
Who wouldn't want to go to a Cubs game?? Neat.

If Chicago doesn't scream deep-dish-pizza then I don't know what else does!

Norah Jones.
Thrilled (THRILLED) to get the chance to see my homegirl, N. J. perform at Red Butte Gardents in Salt Lake City.  She started with "Turn Me On" (Greeeat choice, according to me and Sar.  Also, dear futurehusband: we WILL be slow dancing to this someday. JSYK), and played an amazing concert for just under two hours. In this particular order:

Turn Me On
Out On The Road
Little Broken Hearts
The Long Way Home
Say Goodbye
Chasing Pirates
After The Fall
All A Dream
Traveling On
Cold Cold Heart
Not Too Late
Happy Pills
Don't Know Why
The Nearness Of You
Sinkin Soon
Just Leave

Creepin In
Come Away With Me

A visit to my favorite place ever.
Oh West Yellowstone. After months of avoiding the idea, I finally made it up there.  The mountains, the townies, the comfortable small town feel- there isn't a place quite like it.  Spent a lot of time catching up with friends on the lake and in town.  Cleaned a cabin, ate some delicious food, and headed back home before I could change my mind and stay. There is something about this little town that is so appealing.  Haven't yet put my finger on it . . . 

What would a trip up there be without a few hours at Wild West with my favorite old timers??

Gorgeous sunset view from Island Park

A walk in the park.
It had been about ten years since I had made it to the summit of Mt. Timpanogos, but I figured that since Sarah was willing and the weather was good, we should give it a shot.  We began our venture on a less taken path (main trailhead closed) at 2:45 a.m., in hopes to make it to the summit by sunrise.  This particular trail was, however, much longer.  We didn't enjoy the summit sunrise, but decided in the end that it was all for the best, much due to the fact that it was FREEZING at the top. Burrr. Great times with my BFF who is most likely getting her mission call any day now. (Side note: any guesses on where we think she's going?? I say Boston, and mother says New York)  After 12 gruelling (truthfully) hours of hiking we made it back to the car.  Good work, team.

Sarah the Busk.

Beauttttiful Timp, in all its glory. And yes, the tip top is the summit (see video below).


Si said...

I'm still mad at you for not taking me to Nora. or mate I should be mad at Sara Buske. Sara, next time you get an extra Nora ticket, take me, not Brookie. Ill buy you a t shirt.

Kamille said...

What! She's going on a mission!?

Jocelyn said...

bahaha I cannot get over Sarah in that video. You two are my favorites. I love you and my guess for Sarahs mission call is.... new zealand.