Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Andrew Hales- LAHWF

Meet Andrew Hales, one of my good friends for a few years now.
  Andy and I met in high school and have consistently shared some great times together.  Bottom line- he's nothing short of solid and recently landed some remarkable success via YouTube.

Some of my personal fav.'s:

LAHWF = Losing all hope was freedom.
(Also the name of his youtube channel.)
Make sure and subscribe to it *here*.
Congrats, Andy.


Misty said...

Totally saw the holding hands one on tv. He's uber-famous! :)

Lauren said...

He's gonna love this! And you just know he's loving the whole journey. I'm really proud of him - Andrew, I'm proud of you! He is living his dream :)

Anonymous said...

he's funny.. he looks like ryan philipe