Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My favorite YouTube. Ever.

I should no doubt be doing homework, but instead I'm going to share with you a video that warms my heart.  My mom sent me the link to this a year ago, just after this lady received her middle ear implant.  I suppose that after putting so much energy into studying solely communication disorders (all things hearing and speaking), a little clip like this would hold unsurprising meaning to me.

She posted on her blog just earlier and announced today as the one year mark since activating the implant.  You can read more about it *here* Technology is such a concrete manifestation of modern day miracles. Who would have thought that this woman would ever defy such odds and hear? I love what I'm studying. I love seeing meaningful successes in other people's lives. I love the fact that this can only get better.

*   *   *   *   *

Post script to my CSD peeps:
A video below explaining how it works. (I was wondering, too.) This = the new C.I.


Catherine said...

Brooke, this is fabulous. I'm crying. Love this SO much & I completely love the fact that we will one day be a part of these meaningful successes. Such a perfect way to describe it. So grateful for that opportunity.

Love your blog!!

Melwel said...

I have seen this many times, and it gets me EVERY time. My nephew, Hunter has cochlear implants. It is life changing for him...and all of us.

Janessa said...

Brooke, this video completely changed around my day. I was sitting here discouraged to study for Pediatrics but after seeing that video, I am crying and extremely motivated to keep going. I love that one day we will get to be a part of this life altering world! (I realize Catherine already said that but I feel the same way.)

Si said...

Oh, this makes me cry every time. Gets you right in the heart. I love it! And you.

Karlie Brand said...

so cool. thanks for sharing :)

Life as a Bird said...

I love this video everytime I see it. The first time I saw it was on an episode of New York Ink when she got a tattoo. It's so touching.