Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rising Star Outreach: This and That

Sports day last Saturday. So fun to watch the kids compete on their long practiced events. Their stick routine- impressive.
The ceremonial march to ring in the games. They were darling. Loved seeing how into it they were.
Lots of arm swinging involved with the synchronized gong beating.
The children then displayed a variety of pyramid formations. Work. It. Kids.
Another favorite. Let there be symmetry in all things.
Another highlight this week- the science fair. Which eaaaasily puts my previous V. View science fairs to shame.
Just sweating myself to death watching Jennifer's project: "Water pressure will increase with depth."
One of my favorite candids thus far.
Shalini- prepping for her demo.
One of my absolute favorite little punks on campus- Tamil Rassie. Just look at her.
M. Vijay's parents came to pick him up for a couple of days.  I couldn't resist capturing his excitement to see them!
David, Ebeneezer, Kavia, Monica, Theerthi, and Eswari. One of my fun little reading groups.  Magic Tree House anyone?
Saying goodbye to Sally- What a bummer! Can't wait until our paths cross again.  This woman is amazing.
And, in other good news, these two geckos were getting cozy in our windowsill this afternoon. Love at home? Check.


Jocelyn said...

haha. love at home. Oh how I miss thee.

Your pictures are so fun. They are all so colorful and those children are gorgeous. I love it. And Love you.

Melanie said...

So fantastic Shoko. Awesome, awesome experiences!