Monday, August 16, 2010

Day One Hundred

Yesterday I went home. For just one day. It was completely unplanned and completely worth it.

I got to see Lauren. My best friend in the whole world. She has been living it up in Mexico for the second time. This is something we share- a love for travel. But even after not seeing each other for months we pick up exactly where we left off and enjoy doing anything and nothing together. We want to open a hostel together. But we know that won't happen. Raspberry sisters.

I spent a solid day with my family. Complete satisfaction. The more life I experience, the more I realize how lucky I am. These five individuals understand me better than anyone and most definitely bring out the best in me. My sister is recently engaged. Neil is wonderful. Not only is he a great guy but I'm genuinely excited for him to become a part of our family. This was also most likely the last time I will see Stephen until December. Stephen and I laugh at the most bizarre and abstract things together- we know exactly why we find the scenario hilarious. I love this. I'm excited for him to leave to Dixie and experience college. People love Stephen. It's days like this when I wonder why I ever left home. I appreciate every moment I have with them.

My cousin Ty recently returned from an LDS mission in the Phillippines. I was able to listen to his homecoming talk- this was great for so many reasons. Last summer I missed the farewell and was devastated. Ty is the only cousin I have that's my age. We have become very close over the past few years and have shared some awesome times together. Ty has an incredible testimony and is more in tune with the spirit than anyone I know. Yesterday, sitting and listening to him share experiences and bear testimony for a few minutes made the whole ten hours of driving completely worth it.

The drive was beautiful. I love catching up with friends over the phone, listening to playlist after playlist, and having time to myself.

It's been one hundred days since I've been in Yellowstone. This time last year, I was just leaving West. This summer still has a month left. My feelings are mixed. Half of me is so over this- the tourists, the 75 hour weeks, the lack of sleep, the exposure to drugs and drinking. The other half of me is depressed about leaving- what has become my home, my friends, the gorgeous outdoors, the familiarity. I love it here, but I'm excited for change. Might as well live up these last few weeks. Enjoy the moments WHILE they're here- not before or after.


Laur said...

Love you

natalie said...

so i just read your blog and ryan's blog and they both were just so sentimental. and it made me sad.
summer is over. i am sad, yet excited to leave AZ.
it's gonna be a tough 12 hour drive to logan for me.
but once i see the temple through the canyon, i'll know i'm ("home.") for a while anyways.
love you brooke. see ya soon.

Si said...

awwww we loved having you home. Jack loved seeing you too. word veri: shicalcu.

Melanie said...

Loved seeing you, made my whole day, week, month and life. See you again soon!

Kimi said...

Wow Brookie! I love how much you love your family. Granted (ha!), they are very lovable, but it's pretty awesome that you appreciate it from the inside.

You're the best. I miss you!