Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Day One Hundred Nine

It's days like yesterday when I am reminded that people are good.

Each night I serve approximately 100 customers.
About 6 of them don't speak English
Around 3 are attractive young males
Over 38 of them are complainers or extremely impatient
11 of them are locals
52 are Mormon
17 of the 52 Mormons will bump into me at church on Sunday
"Oh wait, you're that waitress girl from the pizza place!"
About 15 are cowboys
33 are foreign
5 of them smell bad
12 are motorcycle men and women
17 are vegetarian
2 of them don't tip
1 is a co-worker
All of them are hungry
And most are tourists

Yesterday, 2 of the sweetest people came in.
It was their second time (you should also know that I absolutely love return customers). Don and Suzie from Washington. So fun to talk to and pleasant to be around.
People like this allow me to actually enjoy what I do for hours each week.
They ordered a couple margaritas, a medium pizza to share, and loved it.
I loved that they loved it.
We talked about this and that. Where they were from, how the park was.
And the usual conversation came up that I have a few times each day:

"So are you just a summer worker?"
"Yeah, it's my second summer here."
"Oh how fun. When does school start? Where are you from?"
"Salt Lake City. I'm a student at Utah State University."
"Oh so you're heading back soon?"
"No I actually have a month left here. I'm taking the semester off."
"Well what are you doing that for?"
"I'm going to Spain this fall. Teaching English, traveling. So excited."
"How wonderful."

And the conversation carries on.

Don, Suzie, and I had a conversation like this.
Yesterday as they were leaving the pizzeria they wished me luck again and gave me their card. Told me they wanted to keep up on my experiences if I had time to send and email or something of that sort.
As I was running into the saloon to grab a drink, Suzie stopped me and handed me $50.
"Good luck in Spain. Here's a little extra money to help you out."
The sweetheart.
On top of that they left me a generous tip for their meal and left happily.

It's people like this that make me want to be better.
More kind. More patient. More happy.

Another instance a few weeks ago just about melted my heart.
A lady sat to eat a pizza with her two young boys.
This random man just a few booths to the right of her flagged over Melissa and told her that he would be taking care of her meal.
It was interesting, approaching her after everything was eaten and telling her that the pizza had been paid for by an anonymous person in the restaurant.
The guy not only took care of the meal but gave me some extra cash which I also handed to her. The lady was confused, but you could see that she was grateful.
I couldn't help leaving that night just wishing I could be better.

People are good.
People are nice.
Not everyone is a pain in the rear-end.


Si said...

Like the new layout. The pic of you...not so much. I'm your mother, you KNEW I would say that.

erin noelle said...

what picture of her? Is that your hair? Wheat grass? What the heck is that a picture of? I love nice people!!! Made my day.

Melanie said...

Awesome Brookie. I would want to give you extra money if you were my waitress also. You make people want to be nice. Love you, and am MAD you aren't coming home this weekend.