Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day One Hundred Thirteen

Oh roomies . . .

What I'm missing: jim impersonations, your laugh, walking alongside as you bike, discussing parent-sibling interaction, your good taste in music. Someone that will always get ice cream with me.

Come back? Thanks.

What I'm missing: working two full-time jobs & living together, cowboy fetish, someone who understands most everything about me, your style, laying at the pool, watching you eat nothing but almonds, apples, and peanut butter.

Get back up here.

What I'm missing: our naps, our sleepovers, our late night talks, making fun of chris, finding your pitchers of what-not in the fridge, having a nutrition genius, your midnight side salad runs. Oopschmeck. Yeah.

Cooooooooome back.

Oh hey, Benjamin.
Looks like it's just us now.
Last two on the island.


erin noelle said...

Hang in there Brooke. You're a good one.

Si said...

loves Brookie.

Melissa Anne said...

only read this post just i LOVE and miss you, you beautiful freak. you're GORGEOUS and i cant wait to talk to you!!!!!