Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good to be nineteeeeeeen

Well yes the day finally came, the day of my birth this year. June 2, 1990 at 7:22 p.m. (same time that president Lincoln died). This birthday is shared with a few friends that I have: Natalia Smith (girl was friends with in elementary, probably haven't seen her for 10 years or so), Matt Mackay (friend from my home ward), and Mike Wright :) one of my good friends who is soon to be leaving to Jamaica (mormon missionary ha)! So- Went home to Bountiful for the weekend- somehow miraculously got 3 days off of work! Woo! It just was awesome slash perfect slash really nice. After working a couple of jobs, I rolled into btown around 1 in the morning and got to give my papa a hug and kiss before he left the next morning on a business trip. Next day was a sunday. Oh my mother is an angel. Made me my favorite breakfast- biscuits and gravy- then we did some church, went to Jim Allred's farewell (tear tear), then .... the Birthday dinner! New York Strip Steaks, pineapple (fav fruit), delicious spinach bread sticks, salad, potatoes. oh my. Then had the family and good friends over for dessert. home made triple layer chocolate/vanilla cake! Lucky girl, I know. Went boating the next day with the boys, hung out with corrine and mom on the actual birthday, saw the weirdest movie with my mama (The Brother's Bloom), ate at the Pub (french onion soup = divine), did some shopping and just relaxed . Was sad to leave, but you gotta do what you gotta do. After my long drive home I was very happy to enter into the double wide and see my room mates safe and snug in their beds. So- as of now there's not a whole lot to be unhappy about. Life is good and I have everything I could've asked for. Sigh of Joy. Now back to work.

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