Friday, June 5, 2009

Reminds me of.....

Sunday through Saturday each week, there are millions of little things that resemble my life. I see a car drive by, drink a bottle of water, listen to a song on my iPod, brush my hair, the list could go on. Within these events that take place each day, I am reminded of the same things for the same actions. For example... Most songs on my ipod remind me of something, whether it was what I was doing the first time I listened to the song, or a person it reminds me of. This concept also applies to little things like chewing a stick of gum or tying my shoes each morning. So here it is . . .

Merry Happy (Kate Nash): When I hear this song, I see the marbley purple countertop in Snow Hall 406. The iHome plugged in with this song playing, Talia told me who was singing.

Irish Cream: Each time I see this stuff or use it in my hot chocolate, I think of my dear dear friend Ryan Miner- now serving a mission in Chile. It was after a day activity for Homecoming dance in high school and we stopped at a gas station on 5th south in Bountiful for a hot chocolate. He raved about that Irish Cream. Ha.

Chewing gum in church: Lauren Nickl was the new girl in about 3rd or 4th grade when we were sitting next to each other in church. I popped a piece of gum in my mouth on a fast sunday and we discussed that chewing gum should be considered breaking a fast because the flavoring would be lost and digested over time. ha. So now, every time I chew a piece of gum in church I am brought back to that moment.

James Taylor: No matter what song or where I am ANYTHING James Taylor reminds me of my dad. I picture myself in the back seat of a surburban and my dad driving the family across America, being the only one awake in the car. He is singing along (every word), looking for wildlife on either sides of the road, with a cup in his left hand for spitting seeds. Every time. :)

Headbands: Natalie Sargeant. She pulls them off so well and has well earned the nick name in my family and among my friends as "headband girl." Every time.

Lonnnnnng receipts: About three years ago my mama pulled out a receipt from Fred Meyer that was (no joke), probably three feet long. I couldn't help but laugh when she spread her arms apart holdin both ends to examine her purchases ha. Every single time I see long receipt, I see this.

Poker Face (Lady Gaga): Andrew Hales and Jennifer Frost. They both love this song. So I think of them- every time.

Having to blow my nose... in the shower: I can't remember how, but one day this came up. My friend Nate Naegle made such a good point- blowing your nose in the shower is totally ok. It makes sense but doesn't seem right for some reason. Every time I need to blow my nose in the shower, I think of Nate.


Laur said...


natalie said...

oh so cute! ha! i put on a headband yesterday and it totally made me think of you mother.

Andrew Gerald Hales said...

yesss, I love poker face.

Si said...

I need to find that pic of me with the receipt, remember you took a picture??? I always think of you, too when I look at a long receipt. I am laughing as I write. Perfect description of L Grant too. love you. Oh, and the blowing the nose in the shower thing - SICK.