Saturday, May 30, 2009

Last days of May.

Well it has almost been a month since I drove my car full of junk to this little town of 6,666 feet in elevation. Work is long and tiring, but fun. And with the lack of sleep, a lot of stupid things are really funny. Really funny. So, I've had a lot of good laughs to the point where my side hurts and I'm struggling to breathe ha. LAUREL GOT HERE..... so good to spend time with this girl. She brings a lot into the double wide: 100% honest comments about her co-workers, various boys from the street, good stories, and lots of yarn-ish stuff that she crafts it up with. The three of us (Meliss, Laurel, and me) are enjoying the time that we do have with each other . . . . Tiana soon to come! I'm pretty sure that I would be mildly depressed without them. So now that I realize it's May 30, I am thinking on the past year and WOW. but anyway. Here is a small taste of some of the thoughts that have been consuming my brain lately. chaio.

-Fresh Fruit
-When my nightly waitressing nightmares will end.
-I am not going to get tan this summer. Let's make being fair skinned the in thing.
-Middle Eastern music is so good.
-If I have to clean another cabin with toenail clippings in the bathtub, I'm quitting. haha.
-Speaking german could help.
-I hope Abby Barth finds out if she's going to Hefei with me this fall. soon.
-Ahhh. I forgot about Ty's birthday :(
-Trying every restaurant in West
-S,G,C,S,J (the fam) - oh and how could i forget : H
-Hoping to go to the Ben Kweller concert this summer.
-I like little towns :)


natalie said...

i'm so glad you are having a good time there! sounds like fun just to go someplace random and fun@ :)

Andrew Gerald Hales said...

you're tan. c'maan.

Laur said...

Andrew's comment made me smile! I've been trying to make fair skin the "thing" forever. It was sooo good to see you. I'm gonna miss you.