Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Living in a Small Town

So people thought Logan was small. No.  West Yellowstone is small. But I like it.  This is the type of place where you literally can walk everywhere, the people that serve you in restaurants want to know your name, and everything is very expensive.  It's also still pretty much winter up here, but not to worry, the warm season is just around the corner (June-ish).

So one might ask... Why am I up here?  To work, and just to try something new pretty much.   My good friend Melissa has worked up here the last two summers and loved it so I figured that because I need to earn a lot of money this summer I'd try it.  So when I set up my plans for the summer before I moved here, my plan was to work front desk at a hotel and a restaurant called Sydney's Mountain Bistro.  However, when I got here my job at Sydney's kind of fell apart because the manager who hired me got fired... So that job is still very much on the line.  As for the hotel, they have been putting me as the only housekeeper everyday.  Yeah, housekeeping.  But really, it isn't THAT bad.  It honestly wasn't worse than anything I had ever cleaned at home, or the apartment..... until today-ish.  Well it kind of started yesterday.  In some of the little cabins here that I clean the guests can bring pets.  Yes pets.  That includes dogs, cats, and even rats- You name it.   So yesterday I was cleaning cabin 31 and yes lots lots and lots of dog hair.  You took the vacuum and just after one "back and forth" motion it looked like there were two different types of carpet.  But it was totally worth it for the $20 tip.  So basically when I enter a room (cabin actually) I do a few different things.  Change the sheets, change the towels, clean the kitchens (including dishes and fridges), clean toilets, clean the huge jet baths, wipe the mirrors, vacuum, sweep, mop, change the garbage, and spray the febreeze. Ha and that's it!! Well today (after the day of yesterday's hairy room), I had the privilege to clean the cabin that hosted a couple and 3 or more big hairy dogs.  These dogs were big, like the kind of dog that is Beethoven's cousin, the type of dog that needs a metal chain.  So I do the usual knock on the cabin (knock knock knock) and the usual "housekeeping".  No sign of people or dogs. Great- Now I can get the job done.  The key takes a few turns and BOOM, I'm in the cabin.  Suddenly I look over the beds and opening area.  No problem.  This hairy room will be spotless in less than an hour.  I strip the sheets, blah blah blah, and wake my way into the bathroom.  OH NO. No they did not.  Who in their right mind would bathe their DOGS in a HUMAN'S jet tub!  Well to say the least, cleaning up all of those dark curly hairs took a while.  And now I have a new appreciation for clean showering areas that animals have never entered into.  

So, that's it.  Basically everyday I clean cabins and do the laundry.  Then I go to my temporary home (before I move into the trailer this sunday) and take a nice hot shower.  Then every night, I hang out with my new and only best friend, Parker Harrison.  Words cannot describe the joy this boy brings into my life.  We have spent multiple nights discussing life and the ways of the world in his place that he resides in... right above the laundry room.  We also have driven through part of the park and seen some great wildlife - Elk and buffalo mostly, but the day will soon come for a bear sighting!  I'll keep you posted on the rest of my summer. No worries! :) Take care my people.  "Farewell my friends, I go on to a better place."


Si said...

Oh Brookie, I love you. That dog hair is SICK, in a bad way. how was dinner??? love, Mama

Andrew Gerald Hales said...

Broookie that sucks! you're a maid! oh well, you'll build character ;) and its probably still better than knocking on peoples doors all day asking if they want security. :/

Laur said...

Shoko! That sounds amazing! I can't even wait to see! I love you.

Melwel said...

Sounds so exciting....good thing there's Addison in West yellowstone this summer too. He's always good for a chuckle.

Brett said...

Oh, i told you that you'd have some sweet times! I'm coming to visit for sure, you just wait!