Friday, June 1, 2012

Red Butte Garden: The Head and the Heart

A few things:
Will most likely still have a post or two on the travel extravaganza I just returned home from. JSYK.
Summer school- not as bad as one would anticipate. 
(My stats professor even gives extra credit for bringing treats. Enserio.)
I finally saw The Hunger Games. And it was good! Definitely entertaining.  Well done, Katniss.
Found a really nice market down the street that sells some top notch salame. I brought some home.
Next door neighbor finds joy in playing Eminem at ridiculous levels of volume. Heaven help us all.

*   *   *   *

Here are a few photos from the other night.  
Jocelyn was kind enough to snag some The Head and the Heart tickets for us a few weeks ago. Have you listened to them before? Kind of making their way on the "up and up". You should check them out- and when you do, make sure you listen to "Lost in My Mind" or "Rivers and Roads" while driving through the back country with your windows rolled down and the volume up a notch. The band Blind Pilot (new stuff; good stuff) and the Shins were playing also. Shins seemed to be a bit of an overkill.
But hey, that's just me.

 Ohhh they were so good. The vocals, the violinist, their audience interaction. We headed right up to the stage and enjoyed their entire show front row. (!!!!!!!!!!!!)

 This darling little bebe sitting right beside us smiled and bounced around the entire concert.
Cute. Cute. Cute. Corrine. Have. Your baby.

So good to be spending time with J Baby on a more frequent basis. I have missed her dearly.


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