Monday, June 25, 2012

Life lately.

Enjoyed a few days in the Unitas for a backpacking class through the University. Two credits- check. The hiking was extremely mild but we were in a gorgeous area so it's all "no worries". Spent evening one next to Hope Lake and evening two at Ibantic Lake.

 Best part of the weekend- the fishing! Dad hooked me up with some flies and a rod before I took off.  This is one of my instructors, Alan, holding the first trout I caught. There are few feelings (in my humble opinion) that compare with the thrill of catching a fish on a gorgeous lake. 

Fish numba two. This guy was a fighter.  Which is most likely why it looks like I'm squeezing the lights out of him. Yikes. I also caught a third trout within the hour we were on the lake, but he was too small to keep. That lucky son of a gun.

 There were twelve guys and only two of us gals on the weekend outing.  So, naturally, I was witness to a lovely variety of immaturity all week. Here is my main instructor, taking a dip in the lake while a friend and I are in the middle of fishing. Dummie.

 Bear hangs- a daily highlight.

 This is Jake, cooking up the fishies from earlier.

 Celebrating the union of Nick and Madison. 

 Weddings are a great way to bump into long lost friends. 

 In particular, the neighborhood hellions you grew up with. Some things just never change.

 Made some biscuits from the Smitten Kitchen blog. Recipe *here*. Delicious delicious. Would definitely throw in a few more strawberries in next time though. Also still trying to figure out this oven of mine in the new apartment.  Doesn't quite give the pretty "baked brown" that her biscuits have. #livelaughlove

Left photo: celebration of my 22nd birthday with the fam at my favorite breakfast place- The Original Pancake House.  Double digits woop woop.  Right photo: Dearest Colie successfully talked me into downloading Instagram on my brookiePhone. Still not sure how I feel about partaking in this bandwagon.  Definitely thrilled to see an Insta-worthy note however.


kelsey marie* said...

I need to go fishing. The pictures from your backpacking trip are lovely.

Si said...

Brookie, love the fish pics. love the neighborhood hoodlum photo. And the food. Oh, and a DATE?? Wow.