Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A visit to West Yellowstone. (mostly photos)

My lovely travel companions. All initially united in our employment up at West. Kind of.

Just a great, cliche photo.
Upset at the fact that someone else is occupying my summer home. Hmph.
Visiting a handful of locals and delivering Christmas cookies! So great to see so many people I love (Mike and Lewis here).
Octavia. (!)
Layla Marie Pool. (!)
What great fortune we had to coincidentally come on the day of the annual Holiday Stroll! It was fun. And freezing.
Doug Durfey. Our co-worker this summer and last.
Jim. One of the first cooks I worked with during my first summer.
Santa Claus. Ho-ho-ho.
Nancy and Adod. Yes, more co-workers. [They = hilarious.]
Dave number 1. My boss this summer.
It wouldn't be a visit to West Yellowstone without seeing my favorite local, Bean.
Island Park. A bit more chilly since the last encounter. On the plus side, the mosquitoes were much less of an issue.
Over the river and through the woods. Back to the car we go. Lovely visit, great time. Miss it up there incredibly.

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