Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas Baby

Christmas vacation was swell! Jake, Mom, Dad and I did the Temple Square visit on Christmas Eve after sushi.
This was their 30th Christmas together. Sweet right?
Also threw a Christmas get together with the one and only Sarah Busk. Congrats to Reagan's recent engagement. Whoo!
More Friends.
Perfect turnout.
And a couple of WONDERFUL surprises from the 435.
Couple of gems in this photo.
Sr. Class officers reunite!! We also all agreed to wait til the 10 year to have the first reunion. (SWEET.)
Jack loves it when we visit the cabin!
Took a hike with the fam in the snow. Loved it.
Pretty pretty.

Jake was hungry, so I recommended the nearest tree with the most nutrients.
Best part of the holidays- being able to Skype with Elder Foster! We love these Skype family photos.

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Lauren said...

These are beautiful photos! Aw. I just love this so much! Is that Paul's woman? I have never seen her... Sad I didn't get to meet her there :( I just love your family and you and Bountiful High and old friends and husbands and such.