Thursday, June 30, 2011

Electric Light Orchestra

I have a new favorite band.
Also known as ELO.
Fantastic music.
Album favorites:
Evil Woman
All Over the World
Don't Bring Me Down
Turn To Stone (Looove the violin in this one)
Livin' Thing (This one is fun for the summer time)
Telephone Line (This one kind of makes me sad but I love the vocals in it)

A lot of favorites right?
It is a GREAT album.
And that, my friends, is what happens when you walk into Barnes and Noble,
With every intention of purchasing a gift for someone else.


erin noelle said...

Brooke! Fav album ever. I was in 6th grade and bought two albums (literally albums). One was Grease soundtrack, the other ELO. It had a huge ufo thing on the cover. Such happy feel good pop music. I'm so happy to read this post by you.

Shane and McKenzee said...

i appreciate this post because that was my all time favorite childhood CD...I listened to it on repeat for like 4 years. great great great album.

Si said...

Don't Bring me Down, Bruuuuuce. I always loved that song. I thought my friend Vicki B made up the Bruce part, bc we had a friend named Bruce. It actually is Grooooss. Did you kow that??? Apparently we weren't the only ones who sang Bruuuuce.
Evil Woman, never liked that one. Weird song. Turn to Stone, All Over the World, love those. And yes, Tele line, sad. I like the ringing sound. Reminds me of summers in high school.

Melanie said...

Guess what Brookie? When I was your age (I still am your age) ELO was my favorite!!!! I love the album, I still love it.