Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bear Lake, Birthday, and Such

Have I mentioned yet that I am working here and there in Logan this summer? It's great. I'm part of the orientation team for USU. Each month I come down from Montana a few times and join 40 others in educating incoming freshman on USU policies, procedures, blah, blah, blah. But really it has been a great time. Last week we took a three day retreat to Bear Lake. Huzzah.

The peeps at the lake were super sweet and snuck in a cake for my twenty first birthday. Everyone made it a fun and memorable day for me. I also took a few hours the day before to hang out with the family down at the home forter. Mother, of course, made a delicccious "Brookie Cookie" and strawberry cake in honor of my birth. We also celebrated by eating out at Red Iguana in Salt Lake and having some random friends over for dessert. People were extremely thoughtful all day sending texts, facebook messages, cards, making phone calls, you name it.

Bear Lake was gorgeous. After an overload of social-ness I took a sever of time for myself one morning and attempted capturing a bit of the beautiful scenery surrounding us.

And driving back to West. The sunset- UN. BE. LIEVABLE. But honestly this photo doesn't even come close. I caught myself pulling over and snapping photos three or four times. Beautiful.


Natalie said...

you can take some gorgeous photos brooke.

kstaples said...

Happy birthday. You are gorgeous by the way.

Sarah said...

Brooke. That's cute your mom makes you a "brookie cookie." i wish my name rhymed with some sort of treat or goodie but all i got is bear. lame. anyways happy belated birthday!

Lauren said...

i miss you

Anonymous said...

I love you pictures! Miss you brooke lots of love to you.