Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Would Be [that isn't]

If I weren't six feet tall I'd date short boys
If I weren't brunette I wouldn't care as much about being tan
If I weren't realistic I'd have dreams that I could fly
If I weren't mormon I'd most likely drink coffee
If I weren't so busy I'd take up guitar and tennis
If I weren't an American I'd probably complain about Americans
If I weren't in Logan I would be wearing less layers
If I weren't a pianist I'd be a cellist
If I weren't in Utah I'd be in Montana
If I weren't poor I'd drink an Odwalla juice every day
If I weren't a student I would be working full time
If I weren't so blunt and opinionated I'd probably have more friends
If I weren't in school I'd buy a dog
If I weren't a foodie I would be in better shape
If I weren't a girl I'd wear pants to church and be a lawyer
If I weren't so unflexible I'd do the Chinese splits every day
If I weren't single I wouldn't have endured so many blind dates
If I weren't my father's child I wouldn't feel so bad about not going to the U
If I weren't 20 I would attend concerts at the depot
If I weren't American I would be Dutch
If I weren't Brooke I would have been named Natalie
If I weren't studying speech-language pathology I'd be studying music therapy
If I weren't the second child I might not have taken up piano
If I weren't so independent I'd probably rely more on others
If I weren't so lengthy I couldn't eat as much
If I weren't my mother's child I would most likely enjoy the Olive Garden
If I weren't an older sister I'd have shoveled more snow and hauled more things
If I weren't so worried I'd sell insulation
If I weren't only 20 I could work at the gas station
If I weren't so sentimental I'd have less junk
If I weren't from this era I'd be from the 50's


cole linnae said...

i enjoyed this very much.

i'f i weren't nicole, i'd be brooke foster.

natalie said...

this was great. maybe i'll start calling you "nattles."

megan said...

Hi, I love this. And I love you.

Tiana said...

if you weren't you, we wouldn't be friends. I love you. :)

Alexandra Morgan said...

Always so original. Also- The 50's really are the coolest.

Rachel Nell said...

Favorite: "If I weren't so lengthy I couldn't eat as much."
You are great. :)

Melanie said...

So glad you are my Shoko.

Si said...

Love the parental comments.
Very Brookles.