Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Goodbye and Goodbye

Sister missionaries.
Just as most of my male friends have decided to come home a large majority of my female friends have decided to leave. Jennifer Frost: blonde, bubbly, room mate of two semesters, just great. Serving a mission in New Zealand. Her farewell was this Sunday. She is dying to leave. I am dying for her to have these experiences. Laurel Skye Simkins: brunette, feisty, room mate of one summer, amazing.  Serving a mission in Italy. Her farewell was also this sunday. She leaves tomorrow. And also called me today to basically say goodbye for a year and a half. Boo. Still, however, stoked for all of the incredible moments they'll have these next couple of years.

Draper, Utah temple. 

We decided to snap a few "friendly friend" photos before Jen's farewell.

Jen and Nat.

Jennifer and Madison.

Contos and Frosty.

Melissa and Jen. Seeing the trend?

Myself. Jenself.

Bye bye Laurel.

Side note.

Don't even worry that the average temperature in Cache Valley was a toasty
seven degrees today. At approximately 10 p.m. room mate Kelli and I caught
our basement bunkmates chilling around a campfire for nearly an hour. Burr.

Kelli heating the kettle. We love a good Stephen's hot chocolate.


Yet said...

Sad that so many of you friends are leaving but look at the bright side! The boys are back!! How awesome is that? And, the girls are off to do the lord's work. And, unlike the army, they are SURE to come back. Things are looking pretty good to me. :)
PS...your surgery pics were funny. cute though

Frosty said...

Cookie! Love this, thank you! But hey, it's not goodbye... it's see ya later! Cause I will definitely want to see my dear Brooklyn when I get back. Sure love you to pieces!