Sunday, May 2, 2010

Enjoy the Passing of Time

People simply want what they can't have. It's just in our nature. Sometimes we work incredibly hard for things we want and after finally succeeding, the fun is over. Other times we chase hopelessly for things out of reach- desperately wanting them, never even getting close. Always ready for the next thing, ready to find something better, ready to experience something new.

For most of this semester I was excited to leave Logan and head to Montana. Now that I have less than a week here, I'm beginning to wish I had more time.

During the winter I craved hot summer days and flip-flop weather. Last week as the weather warmed up, a time or two I complained about being too hot.

When I eat salty, I want sweet. When I eat sweet, I want salty.

For weeks I was scrounging up pocket change for gas money. Now that I have enough, I tell myself I need more money to wash it- maybe get some new seat covers.

On Tuesdays I want Friday. On Wednesday I want Friday. On Thursday I want Friday.

On mornings that I can't sleep in, I take forever to wake up and grudgingly get ready for school. On mornings that are free, I wake up early.

When I'm working in the summer, I'm excited to travel. When I'm traveling, I'm excited for school. When I'm in school, I'm excited to work.

Hope for this week:
"Enjoy the passing of time."
[James Taylor]


natalie said...

what true statements. sweet and salty, totally a weakness, waking up early, almost always do, wanting school when traveling. ALL true you observant girl.

Andrew Gerald Hales said...

Sure this all pretty valid. even in dating. unless they are freakish.