Friday, May 28, 2010

Day Nineteen

Good times [waitressing]:

It's an average night at the pizzeria. I've been waiting tables all day and have found my groove in the basic routine of filling drinks, pre-bussing tables, printing bills, and asking customers the generic questions: Where are you from? Did you go into the park today? Any bear spottings? How long will you be staying here? Multi-tasking and timing. An elderly couple has a seat at booth #10. After getting their sodas, I pull out my pad of paper (pen in hand) and ask for their order. I almost cringe at myself, thinking about the face I most likely made upon spotting an insect in the old man's hair. Disgusting. The little black critter had comfortably nestled itself in the six-inch comb over. Part of me feels bad and wants to tell him about the home he has provided on his scalp. But how to go about doing that?

"Excuse me, sir, but there's a bug in your hair."
Yeah right.

Also, I am currently working at the motel front desk. The sweetest lady just came in to check out from her honeymoon stay here. Darling. Side note: I hope for a honeymoon in the mountains. Wouldn't mind the Hawaii trip or whatever but the mountains would be ideal. She left me with a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Vanilla Caramel Fudge. I've never tried this flavor. Usually I stick with New York Super Fudge Chunk or Cinnamon Buns. This looks promising though. Little does she know how much this made my day.

Much love from the 406.


natalie said...

how nice of the ice cream lady, and i hope the old man didn't have a heart attack when he found the bug in his hair later that evening....

Madison Beyers said...

brooke, you should have just gently caressed his head and stroked his luscious locks and picked it out... and then ate it.
just a thought for next time ;P

Brett C Zollinger said...

get ready for your life to get just that much better!