Monday, August 24, 2009

Bye Bye Bountiful Bubble.

I usually like my blog posts cut and clean (lists), but today I'm feeling like letting my thoughts flow. According to me, I seem to be doing pretty well with the stress of the last week and the coming week. Just got back from an amazing trip to the BIG APPLE with my mother and Corriney. Was an awesome bday present. Loved it. We did lots of amazing shopping, ate some delicious food, saw the sights, went to two amazing shows ("Phantom of the Opera" and "In the Heights") and walked allllllllllllllllllllllll over that town! So I got home like around 8 tonight, visited some peeps that I needed to talk to, and am cleaning all of my laundry tonight! gah. Plane leaves at 730 tomorrow night. Salt Lake City to San Francisco to Taiwan to Shanghai to Changzhou. The beloved and anticipated Changzhou. I just want to meet all the people, get my taste buds next to some rice, and be ready to experience something different than ever before. It's going to be a change for sure: No FB for the whole time (comm. government just blocked it around 4th of July), might not use a cellular the whole time, and no BOYS.... I know... how will I survive? ha. but really I'm EXCITED to be rid of these things and jump into this culture head first.

So. Wish me luck with packing and turning 175 lbs of luggage into 100. Wish my pilot luck that he will not crash the plane. Wish my mother luck that she will be able to sleep for the next 4 months. Wish my dog luck that he will not die when I'm gone (he's getting there). Wish our tummies well that they will not need any Pepto for the 4 month stay. And wish these Chinese babies luck so they can soak up English like a sponge!

Here are some pictures from the trip! (thanks mom)


About Me said...

oh my gosh, have fun over there. that will be such an amazing experience! enjoy and be safe please!! you better keep your blog updated too so you can share everything.

Si said...

Oh Brookie - I love you.

natalie said...

oh brooke! what am i gonna do without your for FOUR MORE months. it has been just simply too long since last time i saw you. But I know you are going to have the of your life. You are going to change so much and realize who you want to be in life. That's what China did to me.

keep it real girl towering over everyone.

love you!