Saturday, August 1, 2009

6 hours of sleep
12 months a year it snows here
3 slash 4 room mates
139 squeals from the fridge each day
1 flooded bathroom
57 different tables
9 separate checks
83 bags of ice to fill
3 visits to the post office
1 national park
99 days in West Yellowstone
3 jobs
1 too many police officers
4 trips home
10 minutes into town
46 buffalo
1 bear- finally!
5 trips to Bozeman
183 cabin reservations
3 times at the Playmill
56 naps
4 times to night church
8 spiders killed
10 times into the park
283,983,114 of the brightest stars in the world
4 times boating
7 lectures from Sherry
174 hours on facebook (yay front desk)
1 LDS ward
12 salad dressings
0 attractive guys
5 restaurants that deliver
75 costco bottles of water
6 times in the hot tub
33 complaints
86 calls home
1 police report
13 chocolate-peanut butter shakes
1 taste of every restaurant
6,666 feet in elevation
2 times being pulled over
19 different languages
481 credit card swipes
1 horseback ride
59 extra sides of ranch
1 time at the gym
71 pitchers of "bad" coffee
1 showtime each night at the cinema
4 bags of sunflower seeds
9 visits from hometown friends
1 camera
41 nights of pure exhaustion
3 encounters with Sharon
4 "5-hour" energy shots
10 thunder slash lightening storms
2 alarm clocks
3,104 text messages
5 people to tip out
161 photographs

1 interesting summer... woot.


erin noelle said...

1- what happened with the cop?
2- Who is the 4th roomate?
3-Who is Sharon and why does she feel the need to have a run in with you?
4- What's with your family and eatin seeds?

Brooke Shoko said...

1- i got a couple warnings for going 10 over the speed limit and for also leaving my lights on. No proof of insurance either times and no registration the first.... Just two warnings :)
2- We had a girl named Renee living with us but she only lasted one week.
3- Sharon.... is the funny lady that works for the hotel. She works from her home in a different part of Montana and feels the need to come here like once every 4 weeks. And brings her 2 kids and dog.
4- I never was into seeds until I discovered that they would keep me awake during my drive back and forth from here to SLC!! :)

natalie said...

sound like a good time to me! :)

Melanie said...

Erin asked all the right questions. I wish I could have been the 10th visit from a friend. I love your life and I love you Brookie Shoko!

Melwel said...

love it....don't forget the one day spent with Melinda!!! coming up on Tuesday.

Si said...

1 MOM who loves and misses you.