Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A few pretty hikes.

 Through the midst of a chaotic semester, I managed to find some time for a little bit of hiking. 

 Pfeifferhorn via Red Pine Lake and Little Red Pine Lake
 Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous hike.  View of our half way point, Red Pine Lake. (Notice- face of the mountain just opposite of me.  Did I lose my keys there?  Yes. Did I think they were gone for good? absolutely. Did someone find them for me? You know it.)

Sadie and husband decide to join me. 

 Views from the saddle. Breathtaking. 


Mount Olympus
One heck of a hike.  6.8 miles of hell and back (I joke).  But in all seriousness- 2,000 feet of elevation gain in just over three miles about KILLED my joints. Killed. Kristin and I were on the trail head at 4:30 a.m. for a sunrise summit. Wallah.

Pictures (obvi) don't do justice. But seeing the sunrise over the Wasatch Mts. was something else.

 Views from the tip top. 

 Message vault. 

 Hands so numb we could barely write our names. 


Adam's Canyon
 Cakewalk up the canyon for some glorious finds.  

 Did we have an idea that it looked like THIS in the winter???

Not in the slightest.


Lauren said...

Let's be friends.

S Foster said...

Gorgeous Photos Brookie! Loved that those keys appeared. Too bad it wasn't Mr. Right who found them :(
love the Viola! too.

Rachelle said...

beautiful and stunning!