Saturday, September 28, 2013


Big news. My mother and father took me to ITALY as a gift for graduation.  Spoiled, blessed, lucky, etc. Best trip o' my life. Three part trip to Siena (and the hilltowns), the Cinque Terra, and Milano. Post #1 below. Ode to Italy. 

Jet lagged, looking like road kill, but still stoked as ever.

Mom is still my friend after I ruin the first rental car.

We eat pizza.

We site see (Il Campo).

We see a lot of PDA (freals though).

We also decide that our fav. part of Siena was the panoramic view from the top of the museum. Pristine.


S mama.

Did we have pastries EVERY DAY? You bet.

Mom's fav. part of the whole ten day trip---> driving past the sunflower fields.

I will admit,

they were flipping

One of many stops in the hill towns of Tuscany. Montelpuciano.

Definitely not the most accommodating to those with problems "arthritic" in nature.

Straight from the origin. FRESH PASTA.


Roadtrippin. Thanks for driving, Ma.



Pope would have been proud.

Pre-dinner. Gelateria Toscana.

1 of the 300 road maps we accumulated.

New fav. pasta = picci.

Mother's entree.

One happy camper.

It's all I can do to not lick the computer screen.

View on the walk back to the car . . .

Hand on the heart. I ♥ Italy.

Two days. Lots of windy roads. About 15 towns that looked like this. Lovely.


Sydnie said...

Amazing. These are absolutely amazing.

Lauren said...

#thelife #perfectskin #likemotherlikedaughter #isthisreal #perfection #tall #gorgeous #jealous #missyou

PS- not to mention that I am soo proud of you! Congrats on the graduating and moving on to grad school. I look up to you beyond what you can imagine. I also talk about you to everyone I meet. I love you.

emi said...

um everything about this is perfect. including you. take me back to italy now with BOTH of our moms! xoxoxo miss you brookie!

Sarah Hansen said...

So jealous!! I've always wanted to go! Just a little side are BEAUTIFUL!