Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Headed up to Seattle this last weekend with about 100 other MUSS members to catch the U vs. UW game on Saturday.  Here we are, getting prepped to leave Salt Lake at about 10 p.m.

Me and Meg, being optimistic about the 14 hour drive ahead of us, pre-neck pains.

We made a stop in the middle of nowhere a few hours later.  This is Derek, fulfilling his need to eat an Arby's beef and cheese sandwich at three in the morning.

After the sun came up and our "Le Bus" progressed further north, we enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous drive for the rest of the route.  Pretty, pretty, pretty.

So we got to Seattle (all 100 of us), and found out the the check in at our Comfort Inn wasn't until 4 p.m. Everyone was starving so we walked around and ate at the nearest restaurant we could find.  This place was already packed with other Ute fans, so we took that as a good sign.  This is Will, enjoying his peanut butter bacon burger.  "It was really good," he claims.

After the burger fest, we decided to take a little tour of our contender's campus.  Everything about it was gorgeous- the buildings, the grounds, their library, etc., with the exception of the people. After a few rounds on campus, a friend and I decided that the people in Utah are prettier.

Representing and looking not half bad.  Even after a hellish night on the bus.

See? Prettttty.

Lots of purple berry plants everywhere, adding a nice touch of school spirit to the campus 
(Husky colors = purple).  Was this planned, or was it not?  We'll never know.

Dinner downtown.  I'm usually not one for soda, but their home made root beer was delish.  There's a reason why mother says not to drink a soda before dinner. I could barely eat that seafood mac.

Up and at 'em the next morning at Pike Place Market. It was pretty chilly, but I found a guy who sold me some gloves made from alpaca, so things took a turn for the better. Also, I thought the two in the middle (blonde boy and girl in green) were dating for a good half of the trip.  They're siblings. It's fine.
Of all the times I've visited Seattle, I was oblivious to this wall's existence.  Just behind the market, sits this little alley just plastered in gum.  Really disgusting if you think about it, but entertaining no doubt.

My favorite part of the trip was likely our lunch at Ivars.  I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time.  Watching everyone feed the birds kept us all entertained for a good two hours. 

Another GREAT highlight of the trip was meeting up with Grandma Japanese, Uncle Harry, and Kaiden for lunch on the water. Maybe that's why I love Seattle so much.  It's not just a beautiful place with fun things to do, but it's also a place that I associate family with.  We walked around for a bit and found a good spot for seafood. Was sad that I had to say goodbye after just a couple of hours, but it was getting late and the game was creeping up on me.

Fish and chips, fish and chips.  FISH. AND. CHIPS!!
Hanging out at the tailgate with my favorite- John Fackler!

Another best part of the trip- having soooo many (18)  SAB members come. Love them to pieces.
The tailgate was at Safeco, and the actual game was at the Seahawks' stadium. Fun right? We may have lost (34-15 boooo), but the going to support our team was an absolute blast. Go team. Go Utes.


Misty said...

Mike and his whole fam went up to the game and had a suite there at the stadium. Regardless of score, they had a great time too. Go Utes! :)

Lauren said...

I miss you!

Si said...

GO UTES. And go Seattle.
This post makes me miss home

Catherine said...

Love the pictures. UW has a gorgeous campus! You guys hit a lot of stops up there that I didn't, but I think Seattle is so fun nonetheless. Too bad the Utes couldn't win!!

Hannah said...

HEY what are you trying to say? the people of Washington are beautiful in their own non-showering and hippy way! I'm offended.... not really

Life as a Bird said...

Wow looks like a great time! I love all of these amazing pictures! Obsessed with the gum wall!