Friday, May 6, 2011

This was a good semester.

It snowed a lot. I like the snow. Isn't it pretty?
I cooked more of my mother's recipes.
Did I ever walk up this sucker? Every day.
Spring Break in Mexico. Huzzah.
The Blue Cottage. My humble abode for the semester. Moving out tomorrow.
School. Friends. Good grades (hopefully).
Japan relief efforts.
Good drives, good conversations, good company.
New eats. New thoughts. I love diners.
Reuniting with Diana (galpal from Europa).

The semester flew. FLEW. "Busy busy."
Mormon convention with cousin Ty.
Worst of the worst this semester: my bedroom's buzzing fluorescent light. Ick.
My best friend in the whole world weds her high school sweetheart, Braden.
Spring. Finally. Enjoyed the outdoors to their fullest this week.
Breakfast at the Original Pancake house with the female friendlies.

Instructing Nattles on how to reunite with I-15.


Natalie said...

loved this year. it seriously was great.

i still wonder sometimes why i'm leaving.

Si said...

Funny-The Mormon Convention with cousin, love the turq house. love natles and Lauren.
Busy, busy. You and Grandma japanese.

Laur said...

aw. this touched my little heart. I love you girl. Are you gone? .... come to me. and get married.

Melanie said...

Don't listen to Lauren. Loved your semester, especially your Japanese relief. Miss you and your busy busy life.

Shauna said...

cutest post evs.