Thursday, April 7, 2011

I post too many photos.

And it's been a while since I've just written.

-An overall consumption of peanut butter concoctions and hard boiled eggs.
-A desire to be completely in or completely out of a relationship. I just can't stand the millions of middle phases. Shades of grey (you know). Date me or not, hate me or love me. I'd rather be doing homework than talking or text-messaging if I know you aren't into this (me). I am not one to waste my time, feelings, or opportunities. Alright?
-Another letter from my brother in the MTC. He is doing great.
-A new favorite film: Source Code. Suspenseful, emotional, catchy.
-Zumba once or twice a week.
-Five new ideas on how to leave this country and where to go from there.

-A moment of relief as a peer offered me her extra scan-tron when I realized I had forgotten to purchase my own on a test day. Eek.
-One of the best two-hour naps I have enjoyed in a while.
-Dinner in the front seat of my car. This, for some reason, is something I really enjoy.
-A pep talk from one of my professors.
-An opportunity to hold a human heart, observe, and memorize.
-A very messy bedroom. Are you surprised? No.

-Brooke Shoko, College graduate. I wish to be a working woman.
-A bungalow with a nice porch. I will own the residence and have one or two room mates. It will have a nice lawn, porch chairs, and a vegetable garden. I will pay the neighbor boy down the street to mow the lawn and scoop the dog waiste (refer to next bullet). My dad avoided teaching me how to mow the lawn growing up. It was a work opportunity he wanted to reserve for my brothers.
-Own a dog. A bigger dog. Maybe a Lab. Some dog that will be my best friend, go on walks with me, chill with me in the kitchen, and be there when I get home from work. I will, by the way, have the coolest job someday. I will make a reasonable living and enjoy being independent. 

-My social life, happiness, and complexion have suffered from scholastic stressors.
-I should be sleeping. Resting my brain, emotions, and spirit. I couldn't fall asleep and so after surfing the internet, attempting to watch GLEE for the first time (which lasted five minutes), and logging onto Skype, I decided to blog.
-Realistically I should have died in three car accidents by now and be nearing the end of my Junior year in college. I am still alive. I am also completing the end of my Sophomore year. Let the good times roll.

-Life is good.
-I have enjoyed the little things.
-This blog post was effective in that I most likely roll to one side and be out within seconds.
-Thank you.


Anonymous said...

i sometimes get frustrated with the middle phases too.

Anonymous said...

Its nice to just take everything out of your brain and put it out there.
I liked the layout of this.
P.S. I miss you, I am hoping so much that the Yellowstone thing works so I can spend all summer with you!!!

Sarah said...

brooklyn youre too great for your own good. who are you? good grief.

natalie said...

yes. i love your posts.

Si said...

At first I thought you said pb with hard boiled eggs, as in mixing the two together. Sick.
Totally surprised your room is messy.
You can have Jack when you get a house. Promise.
love you.

Angie Hronek said...

Hey! Are you still doing communication disorders? Juuuust wonderin'!

... said...

Brooke. You are my hero. Somehow you managed to write what I'm feeling ha

Brooke Shoko said...

Angie- YES! yourself? Still trying to find my way in the program however. Lots of prereqs (anatomy... bleh).

Angie Hronek said...

Yeah! I graduate this semester. Anatomy is the absolute worst. Interesting, but the worst. PS, your blog is awesome. Faithful reader.