Monday, March 7, 2011

Responding to Strangers

My written response to Elder Bond:

Dear: Elder Logan James Bond,

In all of my twenty years of living life you are the first Mormon missionary who has taken the time to write me. The smell of your envelope was enough to seduce me right away. And . . . from the sounds of it you're everything I want/need in a man: smart, Mormon, increeedibly handsome, confident, great with kids. Elder, I can't wait for our relationship to blossom and see what the next two years will bring us. Until 2013 though. Just continue to work hard, and when days get rough keep in mind that you have a (future) wife and kids at home. 

Yours eternally, Brooke Shoko Foster

Post Script: I took the liberty of enclosing my own self portrait. Enjoy.

Brooke Shoko's self portrait. I'm considering a frame?
Eagerly awaiting his reply . . .


cole linnae said...

youre a gem for responding.
whenever i got letters from my friends companions i was eternally CREEPED OUT

Daniel & Sarah said...

hahahaha I love it

Melwel said...

You make me SMILE

Sarah said...

brooklyn i love you.

Ashlyn Isabella said...

This just made my day, week and month.