Monday, January 17, 2011

Surgery Week

Last year over the break. Wisdom teeth removal. No. Fun. I
vowed to have a surgery free Christmas break for 2010-11.

Today: Post surgery follow up appointment.  Sinus surgery.
For years now I've had numerous sinus infections non-stop
from the months of November til anywhere around April. A
couple weeks ago it was decided that my infection days were
over.  The operation was a little over an hour.  As you can see
from the photo above, they had all sorts of terrain to clear out.
Areas A, B, and C were gutted and widened.  They removed
the infection, polyps, and all sorts good stuff via nasal cavity.

Within minutes after waking up, I (apparently) requested
Mother's shades because the lights were too bright.

The gauze is a nice touch, I know.  Fortunately it only had
to stay for one whole day.  My life for 4.5 days: Eat, medicate,
sleep, eat, medicate, sleep. Over and over. Began to feel a
bit worthless after a couple days of this . . .

Annd after a lovely restroom break found this metalic surprise
stuck to my upper thigh.


Brother Stephen was also having physical difficulties.
Bye bye tonsils. Hello couch fest.

The Surgical Center's new poster child.  Pre-surg.

Post-surg. Ouch.
Jack, fulfilling his loyal dog duties.  Happy to have my system
cleared.  Happy to be off the percocet and back to normal life.


natalie said...

SO classic. surgery pics are stellar.

glad you're fixed.

Si said...

Oh Brookles. So gald you and Steve survived this week. loves,

Melanie said...

I LOVE the diagram of your surgery. It makes so much better sense to me now! Love that you are feeling much better and back to a wild and carefree life!

Tiana said...

Brookie! I hope you're feeling better, I miss you and really want to see you soon! You're amazing and I love you! GET WELL SOON SHOKIE.