Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hangzhou and the Yellow Mountains (Huangshan)...

This was another great vacation. Went with three girls from my trip to Yangshuo. We took a lot of busses for this trip. First went to the city of Hangzhou. I think 87 percent of the people I saw were senior citizens. Don’t really know what was up with that… but then again, it’s a beautiful city that surrounds a lake. So. Maybe the St. George of the area? Ha. We just kind of wandered around the city and took a day to look at extremely elaborate Buddha temples and carvings in the side of the mountain. Lovely time.

The yellow mountains were pretty rad. However, “hiking” in China means a trail with stone steps to the top. So this hike was 5,000 steps…. Straight up, to the tip top of Huangshan. It took 2 ½ hours up and we ran down it in one hour. Beautiful views and clear air!!!

Our only really swell option for getting home was a sleeper train (even though getting home would have taken 3 hours in a car). It was supposedly ten hours long but took 12 when it was all said and done. The squatter on this train was clean (thumbs up) and I hung out with some random Chinese girls for a while, prank calling their friends and speaking to them quickly in English.

Halloween was pretty fun at the school. The kids are just learning how to trick-or-treat, so they yelled “TRICK OR TREAT, TRICK OR TREAT!” at me every time I ran into them for one whole week. I love them. Alright. Thanks for the emails and commenting on my blog! Sorry I can’t comment back…. My hacking websites don’t allow it. But like my sister Corrine’s high school bumper sticker said, “It’s all good.”

Wo Ai Ni


Melanie said...

So good to see your cute face Shoko. Only you would prank call chinese girls! That is funny. Love you and miss you lots.

natalie said...

those mountains look beautiful. :)
glad you could put pictures up!!!