Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend in Shanghai*

Wow this place is awesome. Unfortunately I won't be able to post pictures on here but oh well. I'll make sure to use those "paint a picture" skills I learned in school. So the miracle for this weekend was that my mother's dear friend, Leanna, let me and a few of my friends stay with her in Shanghai this weekend. This city is ALIVE and there is so much to do. Yesterday we got up, ate a delicious breakfast and went out to see some of the city. Leanne and her driver Mr. Ma took us to some of the coolest places to shop! We went a little crazy when we saw all of the awesome things because Changzhou is really not much of a tourist town. At all. We bought everything from cool antique watches to satchels, Buddha rings, old music, chess sets, bracelets, jewelry boxes, and postcards. Fun day with the girls, Leanne, and her cute daughter Margerette (is that how you spell it???). After the shopfest and eating some delicious food for lunch (dumplings, soup, tofu, fresh greens) we headed to the other side of town and went to a regional conference. Elder Oaks is here in China for the weekend to speak. I really really liked some of the things he said:

"The purpose of life is the means to become what God would have us become . . . All people that live on this earth are children of God . . . Don't let the ways of the world lead you to believe that God has changed His standards that have led us through the ages."

Very good. Then for the closing song we sang "Families can be Together Forever." Did they really have to? ha. They must have known that most of us are thousands of miles from home. After the conference we headed back to Leanne's place and went just around the block for some ice cream and foot massages. I think I was laughing 63% of the time. I guess that I am just an extremely tickle-ish person and will probably never fully benefit from a massage as most people do. Hard life, I know it. Today is Sunday and we're headed back to the other side of town for more conference. There's a special YSA fireside after and they're having me play the piano for some musical number- wish me luck! ha. We're headed back to Changzhou tonight so we can teach in the morning. Hopefully the kids with swine flu recovered over the weekend so we don't get it as well. Well, more later!

Wo Ai Ni!


erin noelle said...

63% of the time? Nice. I'm so happy for you. e

Melanie said...

Love you Shoko. Glad you got a fun weekend in there. Next time I get a pedicure I will try to laugh 63% of the time as well.!

Laur said...

Bomb. Loving life. Life is wonderful right now is all I have to say. So glad your blogger works.