Friday, July 10, 2009


I was just reading my friend Erin's blog. She is getting ready to have her baby Kate in one week. Even though she has 4 kids already, I'm sure that the emotions haven't changed: apprehension, anxiety, nervousness, and fear. So it is my confession: I am incredibly afraid to give birth to children one day. Yes there are important things to consider such as the baby's health, the medical care, etc. But the reason I'm most afraid is because of the PAIN. Just think- For every birth there is a human body exiting a woman's womb. OUCH. Twins? Triplets? Quintuplets??? YIKES. Which brings me to another one of my little bulleted lists..... (Things I'm afraid of).

Pregnancy and Giving Birth (read above for explanation).

Spiders: Ever since I was little I would scream and freeze if I ever saw the littlest thing with 6 legs that crawled. I owe my Dad a thank you for endlessly responding to my yells from the basement. Thanks, Dad.

Cheating Husband: No, I haven't dated for about a year now, and I'm not planning on dating or getting married soon. Yet, the thought of a cheating husband gets me every time. Gah. He better not.

Being Alone: Ever since I was little little (ha I know... possible?) I have freaked myself out from being alone. I remember nights when my parents left me at home alone (my mom is going to feel bad if she reads this but i was at least 12) I would turn on all the lights in the house and watch movies to calm myself down. Even during my senior year in High School when I was home alone for a week, I had to leave the lights on and make a playlist of calm songs that would help me. The experience a couple weeks before had probably played a large part in my fear still at 17 years old..... Long story short: I was in my friend Ben's house while he and his family were out of town to borrow a math book. I heard things and immediately freaked out, but assured myself it was nothing, when it turned out to be another person in the house. Yeah, I'm scared of being alone.

Needles: Yes, I pretty much am listing all of the generic fears but this one has a valid reason as well. While practicing sewing button holes in 9th grade home ec., I asked my sewing teacher (who will not be named for the sake of her privacy) to help me raise the needle because my finger was under it (note: the machine was completely off). Well, we must have had a misunderstanding because the next thing I knew she had cranked the side and the needle had gone completely through my thumb and back out, leaving a thread about 9 inches long trailing out from either sides of my thumb. Trauma.

So. That's it. Would love to hear what yours is... i.e.: My dear friend Madison from Arkansas is terrified of birds.


natalie said...

hahaha.. madison and her bird phobia!
you have some good fears. one of my worst fears is getting kidnapped. It just sounds so terrifying. ahhh..
i know i have others, just can't think right now!

natalie said...

oh yeah, one of my other fears is not making the right decisions to benefit my life to the fullest.

erin noelle said...

Don't be afraid little Brookie. Actually giving birth, on that very day, is awesome. It's the reward day. Way cool. (IF you have an epidural)

I only realized TODAY that you have a blog. Serious. I can't wait to start reading it. I'm impressed that you aren't misspelling anything and you write well. I love reading blogs like that! I'll go listen to every song you listed that you have played 50+. You know I will.

Si said...

I have a fear of peas, lima beans and fried liver & onions. Not fried onions on their own, only with liver. I had to eat those things as a kid. I know, scary.

Si said...

Oh, and Brookie, I am so sorry about you being afraid to be alone. Now you tell me! One word. Therapy.

Brett said...

spiders have 8 legs....just thought you should know.

Laur said...

I am terrified of whales. DEATHLY afraid of whales. Every since watching Pinochio and Free Willy as a child. I couldn't. It makes me sick to my stomach. I literally CANNOT look at whales on TV. I am TERRIFIED.

Brooke Shoko said...

HHAHA. oh joy. everyone is afraid of the funniest things. :)