Sunday, November 16, 2008

another thing to waste my time with

Well hello. I decided that since i LOVE looking at my family and friends blogs, I had to give in. So here it is "Brooke Shoko". Pretty self explanatory. I was thinking it would be really funny to name this blog my Social Security #, but decided against it. This still is a little awkward, but oh well i guess. My sister Corrine likes to tease me for being awkward, but there's no way around it.

To put things in a better perspective, here are some reasons why I should not have a blog:
-I'm a student, there's always something I can be studying
-I'm going to spend extra time looking at new ones I discover
-I still haven't finished Breaking Dawn
-It won't be nearly as entertaining as "Seriously So Blessed"
-The economy is suffering and I should be out earning money instead

However I'm excited to post some pictures and leave an occasional note.
Have a great Sunday and Go Utes,



corrine said...

very cute brookie! good call on not posting your SSN. where did you get the lovely farm picture on the left?

Brooke Shoko said...

oh i took it by pineview last summer!
yeah. no worries ill keep my identity a secret ;)

natalie said...

blogs are not a waste of time. it's a good way to document your life. haha

Si said...

Oh Dear! I just now discovered this! So cute. and ummm yes, I agree with Corriney, good call on the ssn.