Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day One Hundred Three

Moments I would happily return to . . .

Ski weekend with the girls- thank you Warren Miller.

Family trip to Omaha. College World Series.

The Howl as an African American. With Meliss.

Europe trip with Ma and Gma. For obvious reasons.

SBO stomps. Good times BHS.

Road trip with the parentals.

Being up at the family cabin.

Girls trip NYC.

Watching kynz strip the walls of our beloved PV 35.

Bowling lessons from Grandma Japanese.

Ingrid Michaelson concert- front row.

Or any concert for that matter (Jon Mclaughlin and Tiana).

Winter. Winter. Winter.

Es ef oh eight. Sr. choir trip to San Fran.

Watching Heidi miss the bus.

Moon festival Yangshuo.

Living in hostels. Couch surfing.

Bhudda shopping- Shanghai.

Being pregnant.

Winning the big bucks per Chinese game show (Shoko takes the bottom step).



Christmas time/sushi with Ma and Gma.

Being a student. I miss Logan.

Operacion Sonrisa Bolivia

Bonfires with pals.

Painting days. (I'm the go-to paint person in the fam. For some reason I enjoy this.)

Nights out with Tru.

Watching this girl "hit" a pinata.

And this girl.

Peanut Butter Ball fest.



Laur said...

This is great Brooke! You have such a creative mind when it comes to blogging and you are such a great person with so many friends and great life experiences. I sure admire and love you

erin noelle said...

great post Brooke. You have the life you realize.

Jamie Marie Jenkins said...

i love all your pictures. you are so gorgeous! can't wait to see you soon!
xoxo, jamie

natalie said...

he is my favorite artist.
gah, i'm jealous.

Kimi said...

You do fun stuff.

Si said...

The parentals love you.

Melanie said...

Shoko, how can I talk to you if you aren't on fb anymore???????? Email???? Oh I guess I can call you or text you.